That’s right, we have our very first OPP (WOOHOO!)…and I hope you’ll help our reader out. I also hope there are more OPPs to come.


I am probably closer to your mom in age, but I have a problem for you to post. I have been living with my boyfriend since January.

We have the best time together! We laugh. We joke. We can have really serious talks. We have an amazing relationship.

Things are rocky, though, right now. I snore and it keeps him up at night. We don’t sleep well. He doesn’t like it when I leave the room, he wants us to be able to cuddle. It’s started to affect our relationship.

I would like to see if any of your readers have suggestions for snoring. Here are some of the things I’ve already done and We’ve Already Done to try to prevent it:

*C PAP Machine

*Fans in the room

*Headphones in ears

*Medicine to help sleep

*Sleep study

*Pillar Procedure

I’ve/We’ve tried all these things to no avail.

Will you please post and see if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with this kind of problem?

So readers, let’s help this woman out. I don’t really have any suggestions, Zach snores but it doesn’t bother me so I don’t have any experience with this….your input would be greatly appreciated!