or are there just a lot of people that think the only people that matter are themselves?  I don’t need an answer to the topic line. I AM tired as a matter of fact.  Tired and sick of self-centered, narcissistic, miserable,world revolves around me people.  

You know these people they are everywhere.  They are the ones you talk to and you tell them something because they are your friend and then.. here it comes- They have a sadder story than you, oh you think you have an issue get a load of mine, my pains are worse than that, I work harder than you, I am the only person on earth who is busy, you have no idea what a hard time is…blah blah blah.. 

Sometimes We need to just SHUT UP! Shut up and listen to someone else’s trial, maybe listen and offer to help or just actually LISTEN.. You know something …when a person puts their trust in you with an issue-
(Here’s a News Flash!) They are looking for some kind of assurance or kindness.. Not a dismissal or a chance to hear you blabber for an hour on how much worse you might  have it !!

What has happened to sympathy or compassion.. Or just plain Love of others?

 I think for today I am going to try to pay more attention to those around me who feel worn out by some of life’s hard knocks. I think I will simply just try to SHUT UP and listen.  Maybe these people could try it too. You know the self-centered, narcissistic, miserable,world revolves around me people..  BE NICE!!  how hard is that?

Glenna (my friend Carma’s mom) used to say “if you feel sad do something nice for somebody “..  Let’s try it .. it works.