What is your number one traveling tip?

For those of you that don’t know, we just flew back from a trip to Georgia yesterday. I don’t know, I guess I’ve gotten smarter in my old age and I realized that I probably shouldn’t announce my vacation time on the www. Right? So here I am back and sooooo ready to fill you in on the highlights of my trip but that will have to wait.

I couldn’t leave you hanging without a single picture. This is what it looks like driving down the street just outside of Zach’s parents’ subdivision. I love this drive with all of my heart. It makes me giddy.

My answer to my question has to do with health while traveling. I didn’t fly much growing up (we were more of a road tripping family)…in fact I can think of 3 times I flew prior to meeting Zach. In the almost 3 years since we started traveling together I’ve doubled my lifelong number and I’m excited to add more and more.

The first time I flew home with Zach, I got sick. The second time I flew home with Zach I got sick. I got sick like immediately stepping foot off the plane before even making it to my in-laws house. I’m talking like a cold sick…stuffy nose, chills, irregular temperature, sore throat…the whole gamut.

I’m a teacher, I’m supposed to have a rock solid immune system. Apparently flying is my kryptonite. My in-laws (probably sick of me lounging around needing egg drop soup and herbal tea all the time while asking my mother-in-law if I’m running a fever every two hours) suggested to Zach and I that we swab a little anti-biotic ointment in our noses. It made sense…since I swear I can feel myself feeling sick as I breathe in that nasty recycled air.

So I packed it up, put it in the plastic bag, got it through security, put it on in the restroom (prior to boarding the plane each time).

I arrived in Georgia in good health, I remained in good health, and I came home in good health. It works! It is my best travel tip and I want to share it with anyone.

So how about you? What is your number one travel tip? I probably could use some more tips up my sleeve? And while you’re at it, am I the only one? Do you get sick while flying?

Oh, and by the way, so sorry. I spaced announcing my Giveaway winner. Stay tuned Saturday..I’ll be drawing and announcing. I’m adding and extra $5 for the delay…but I won’t mind if you still decide to enter! Saturday is the day!