Last week Zach and I had the opportunity to go home to Georgia to see Zach’s younger brother, Bo, get married. We were only able to stay for a few short days but we packed a few little vacation-y things in and a whole lot of fun during those days.

We feel so grateful that we are able to visit home, that we have jobs that provide the time and resources for us to be able to enjoy such things. It truly is a blessing and we most definitely don’t take it for granted.

Our trip started with us landing in Atlanta and we were quickly picked up by Hallie and Jeremy. They took us to meet up for lunch with Kassie, Boi, Zach’s parents, and Bo. We all had lunch at the Dwarf House and then Hallie, Jeremy, Zach, and I headed to the Atlanta temple before calling it a night. The night had just begun by the time we got home, though. I should have known the game playing would start immediately.

On Friday we helped set up for a true Southern wedding and enjoyed the rehearsal dinner.

The only picture I took on Friday…Zach and I at the rehearsal dinner.

Zach left with a bunch of the boys to go bowling for Bo’s Bachelor party and I went home with everyone and we all played one of the best versions of The Game of Things EVER…I guessed both of Zach’s grandparents’ submissions and it made me proud. I was sad that Zach missed out on the fun but we started in again the next night.

Saturday was the wedding day. We started out our day with a full family breakfast at Waffle House (that was the first thing I did when I visited Georgia for the first time…immediately upon landing we were taken to the Waffle House– actually it was in Alabama). I had a big fat breakfast and it was delicious. We had an amazing server which made the experience even more fun and genuine.

After breakfast we went to set up for the wedding and then stopped by Hallie and Jeremy’s hotel for some pool-side (well, pool-side for me, of course) time before the wedding.

We got ready, went to the wedding, I did a lot of dancing…Zach did a lot of playing Horseshoes and Bean Bag Toss. We both did a lot of eating as dinner was catered by Hog Heaven (*sigh*). We cleaned up went home and played some more.

The Wedding Details (Do you love the memory board on the wooden pallet? Oh my gosh! Brilliant! I was certain it was a Pinterest thing, but apparently it was actually Bo’s idea!)

Amber and her dad. Her dress was beautiful and she looked incredible in it!

Sunday we joined Hallie and Jeremy for church and came home to just relax. We had spaghetti (with Warrunnuci sauce–to. die. for). We had a big lunch and I ate a good amount of it…so I went outside to the literal woods in the backyard (I kid you not…tall TALL trees) just enough breeze, perfect day and napped. I napped in a little swing for a bit before joining the family for some Geo Cacheing nerdiness. We went on some walking trails in the woods and on a path and found two caches. Admittedly, it was a little fun…as long as I didn’t have to navigate.

Jeremy and Zach figure out which direction we need to head to find our cache.

We came home that night to a Bon Fire with roasted marshmallows and laughter. Of course, we took it inside and played some more games.

Monday was an inside day. I will admit, this bummed me out a bit. The weather while we were there was (honest to goodness) the BEST weather I have ever experienced in my life. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were 88 degrees, low humidity, barely breezy, and perfectly perfectly sunny. I wanted to be out in it all.the.time. We had a lot of fun playing games inside that morning but as soon as we stepped foot outside and I sat back to supervise the boys digging trees from the hammock, the clouds came in and the sky poured. After that I decided I had to get out, so we did. We went with Hallie and Jeremy to the Farmer’s Market in LaGrange and then to the mall.
After that we joined Zach’s parents plus Rob and Kay for dinner at a local restaurant and headed home for more…Things.
Tuesday we came home. It was not as an exhausting trip as I thought it would be. In fact, rather than trying to get more sleep, I’ve been getting up earlier since we’ve been back…I guess I’m still on Georgia time.
We played and played and played. I love that about my in-laws…they love to play games. We primarily played Things this time around, but Zach and I joined a few others for a game of chicken foot. The thing is…four days of playing hours upon hours of things does not get old with this family. Hilarity runs wild…constant laughter…constant inside jokes…I feel like I get to know the family better each time and they get to know me, it’s such a blessing to get to partake in such goodness.
As always, I can’t wait to go back. Next time, however, for a little longer and I have a bucket list that’s about 383 feet long!