You knew it was coming. I did this last year and then I felt horribly disappointed when I didn’t really cross much off of my list.

So…this summer is the summer of NO EXCUSES!

Yes, that’s me and my sturdy legs laying pool-side in Georgia last week. *My heaven is pool-side somewhere perfectly warm and sunny and that is the honest to goodness truth*

I will cross everything off my list. I will report back to you sometime before September 23rd (ideally, I would like to cross most items off before school starts but I know that giving myself a little more time will allow me to feel motivated rather than discouraged.

What will I do this summer?

*Take at least two camping trips (hopefully one long one with Kassie and Boi and one just the two of us…I will gladly take more, but we’ll see).

*Visit Roaring Springs

*Float the Boise River with Zach

*Daytime date to Julia Davis park for a picnic, paddle boats, the Discovery Center, and then across town to visit The Birds of Prey.

*Go to at least one movie at the drive-in theatre in Caldwell

*Take the boys out to dinner

*Have a sleepover with all four kids

*Grill once a week (more of a Zach thing but I’ll definitely be participating)

*Eat outside at least once a week

*Visit the Dog Park once a week

*Walk Mal every day

*Learn how to use the juicer Zach’s dad and Pati gave us for Christmas…start juicing up a storm!

*Plan Zach’s graduation party (parties) WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Host a murder mystery party

*Plan a fall getaway

*Apply for scholarships for me for school

*Set up an online appointment to talk to my friend Corey about our finances

*Take at least 3 daytime hikes with Zach and Mal

*Visit the Nampa farmer’s market at least once (start Christmas shopping)

*Visit the Caldwell Farmer’s Market at least once (possible Christmas shopping, don’t know, I’ve never been)

*Complete Jillian’s 30-Day Shred (for real this time. I started on the 28th…I will complete it. I will get stronger. I will continue taking care of my body–including my muscles–after I’m done.)

*Have a garage sale

*Roast Marshmallows

*Start hosting my own blog/new blog design(I make no promises here)

*Read 5 books (already on book one)

*Do at least 10 things I’ve pinned on Pinterest

*Can one thing…just one

*Paint a wall in my house

*Make a shutterfly album

*Clean out mancave closet, our closet, and the cupboards/pantry

*Finish putting canvas prints above television and bed in our room

*Find a duvet cover for our bedroom–mini revamp

*Take one class at the gym

*Cook more vegetables

*Plan a party for my primary kids

*Keep my garden/plants alive and thriving

*Eat and prepare food from my garden

That’s all for now. I would like to add more to the list but I think this covers everything: my marriage, entertainment, organization of my home, cooking, and health. These are all things that I would like to do to get me on the right track for next school year. I am excited. No excuses. I will end the summer hopefully feeling the perfect balance of relaxed, refreshed, and motivated. I hope I will have changed for the good through making and setting these goals.

What about you, what’s on your summer bucket list? Better yet–blog about it and comment with a link. You might give me a few more ideas.