Shar has mentioned a couple of times the fact that I use the phrase “me doth think she protests too much”… my mom used to use this phrase and I do KNOW this to be true. If you have to tell people about something ALL The time you do not HAVE it!! If you claim to have different characteristics than one you are criticizing too much… YOU have those Characteristics… This is a fact….

People who actually have money do not need to tell you that they have it. Normally the people who have a good amount of money KEEP it in the bank…They do not buy a bunch of mindless name brand crap to show people… Those people SPEND a lot of money they do not HAVE a lot of money… This is very obvious in the town my husband grew up in… He went to church with a lot of wealthy people. Those people still live in the same home they bought 50 years ago, their yards are immaculate, their homes well kept, they drive decent (not outrageous) vehicles, they dress and carry themselves well. They do not have Gucci purses and Prada shoes or drive Mercedes or Porsches. They have a calmness and peace that comes from having worked hard and had some very good luck and sometimes family line down money. But in all they don’t throw it around. They are SMART.  My husband’s boss is the same way, he drives an old pickup, lives in the house he grew up in, buys Rustler Jeans and has money in the BANK. He can afford anything he wants. He just does not WANT so much and he doesn’t CARE what people think… he has a great deal of respect from the community… why? Because he is SMART…

This brings me to my next topic… Intelligence… if you ARE smart… You do not have to TELL people… my gosh if you have to tell people-why would you?  These people do… “Oh my word I am soooo smart people ask me this all the time”… And “I could do that job”…Wow spare people the diatribe…  I work with a guy who is really incredibly smart, he doesn’t tell people he is… he claims he is lazy and just learns things to make his work easier.. but, if you need help figuring out something you can go to him and he will work a formula out on the computer to help you get the work done in 1/3 the time. He is incredibly efficient and very research oriented. The word has spread around the office. He could be doing something WAY above this position. People higher know this as well but, they like him here because he is VERY helpful to them.  He is helpful to the people that TELL you they are smart.

Next we have the “I am good in bed” people. People who talk about sex all the time are too BUSY talking to be getting it! I am not talking a little friendly banter back and forth… we all have that.  I am talking about the non-stop innuendos, the stories, the public displays of affection… Hell if you are really that good at it you would be home or in the hotel room having it… LOTS of it. !!! You can tell the people that are having a decent time by looking at them…They smile at each other even in church. J

Last but not least if you are attractive you don’t have to tell people how many people are looking at you… This is a sure sign of being insecure…Judas h you are annoying…  I mean really pretty or handsome people do not have to tell you they are…The prettiest people are real and genuine and into more than their face and how thin they can be. Do I wish I were one of them? Oh hell yes… but let me tell you what my husband said to me this morning- “WOW you are HOT!” (response after hugging me this morning and I have a fever).”..  Yet see here everyone .. my husband thinks I am hot !!! woohoo look at me.. yeah..

Methinks thou dost protest too much” – A Famous Quote by William Shakespeare

  POINT is proven… !!!!