Our family had a first (in probably 35 years anyway) Elmer family reunion.  It was held in Tremonton,Utah near where my dad and his family all grew up..I also grew up there.  Shar and Zach couldn’t make it because of commitments here. So after the trip I gave Shar some updates on the things that went on.. Cara and I made the trip with her kids and we didn’t arrive in town until around 9- the town is small and the choices of places to eat are very scarce at this time of night. So we drove out to the old truck stop JC’s Diner (Cross X Café when I was growing up). They were open until 10 so that worked. I love this place .. it has good memories. Cara’s kids have never been there- so we got the crayons and the kids menu and 4 million trips to the restroom and then Ava was sitting by me and we were picking her order. She chose the hamburger with fruit and her drink. She was having fun- we were on a “trip” .. When they brought the food out she was just really happy with it and told her mom “this is the best place I have ever been.” When I told Sharlee this.. she calmly stated “Oh NO She IS an Elmer!” 


You see truck stop food is lost on Shar- our family on the other hand LOVES it..  My Aunt would wait all year for a Spud Burger from Cross X.. We used to head there before fishing to have Hot Beef Sandwiches and Spud Burgers and (if you were my Dad) Mince Pie..  I laughed at the comment and then it made me think a little bit about what it is to BE and ELMER.. and I hate to tell Shar but she holds a TON of family traits and she IS also An ELMER.

You are an Elmer if… You have OCD.. by this I mean you have to do things in a certain way on a certain day and in the way the YOU think it needs to be done. Many Elmers are very clean, neat freaks..  

You are an Elmer if … You are a hoarder.. oh dear.. seventy two pens, mailing envelopes, tape, tools, books, and in Shar’s case homework from years of school and Shane’s shirts from EVERY single stage of his life…  This habit makes some Elmers the opposite of neat freaks. We have both.. and combinations of both. My dad was a mix of the two. He owned more tools than Napa auto parts and had more office supplies than Staples.. but he never had a ring in the bathtub and his clothes were hung and picked up, no dirty sockson the floor or unmade beds.. and NEVER drove a dirty car…  

You are an Elmer if …You are a hard worker.


You are an Elmer if .. You LOVE your family. This includes your extended family. I grew up living next to my grandparents and my Dad’s Aunts and Uncles and watched my Grandpa and Great Uncle daily walk up the road to my Great Aunt’s house and do yard work and  gardening and house repairs for her. She was blind and her husband had died and they simply just took care of her. I never heard anyone complain about it either.. My Aunt Deanne  still remembers all the birthdays- brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and  my Aunt June puts everyone’s name in the temple and does temple work consistently for her family.  Elmers will do anything for their family.

You are an Elmer if …. You are hard headed and determined.. Oh my gosh this trait was ever evident in my Grandpa, my Dad and especially my Aunt Lorraine. They don’t give up.. They will keep going when things seem doomed. They keep working, keep walking, keep praying and keep trying and eventually things come through. They know that there is always something better down the road.

You are an Elmer if… (well some of you are) if you have a temper.. oh dear DO NOT make some of these people mad… and run if you do.

You are an Elmer if… you have a sense of humor!!! Oh my gosh some of them are the funniest people  you will ever meet.. Bar none.. Don’t believe me?? Hang out with us sometime. My brothers are funny, my sister is Hilarious.. my dad had the driest, funniest sense of humor. My kids are some of the funniest people I know too.

You are an Elmer if… You are a night owl… oh my heavens I seriously don’t know one of them who isn’t. We stay up until all hours of the night.. we are not morning people. We read, play games, watch movies, go to Denny’s, talk to family and friends, clean house and Christmas shop until the wee hours of the morning. The world is not set up for people like us. This is why we love places like Nevada and truck stops!

You are an Elmer if… You love your spouse.. We have lots of long time marriages in our family.. by this     I do not mean they have been without problems. Elmer families have had horrendous trials, tests, illnesses and obstacles..  their marriages are not fairly tales. They are long term love and forgiveness and compassion and acceptance . They are work and play and getting through things and coming out together and going the distance because they are worth it.  





So Sharlee —Oh NO Ava IS An ELMER..  so are you so is Shane..!!!

 So am I.

Do you want to discuss it at midnight in Tremonton over a Spud Burger and some pie?