1. Wow, I haven’t really been present in the blogging world like I had planned. It’s summer time, I’m supposed to have more time for that stuff, but summer hit and I started right in on my bucket list.

So far:

*I’ve completed 11 of the 30 days on the 30 Day Shred (I have had so many epiphany’s through attempting this challenge and I’m really excited to reflect on them and share them on here).

*I completely cleaned out and reorganized my pantry and kitchen cupboards

*Started teaching summer school

*Read two books (this one, buy it, read it, it is amazing! And this one…a super easy read, but I actually enjoyed it…not a lot of depth, but I’ve sworn off sad books for a while and those are typically my attraction so I went with a super simple plot.)

*Had a garage sale (that was extremely unsuccessful. I got rid of a few things and aside from our bigger items which I will be posting on Craigslist, everything else got hauled to Goodwill the day of)

*Met up with friends (lunch with Renee and Becky, walk and park visit with Misty and Grace, and the monthly get together with drinks and snacks with work friends).

*Walked Mal

*Got sun

2. Remember this?

Did you do it? If not, it’s not too late. Here’s a picture of what was taken out of my closet.

Some items were harder to part with than others, that’s for sure. But there’s more room in there now. Now to get Zach to clear his side out.

3. Every time this song comes on Pandora I have to stop everything and listen. It is so chilling. (Only Eric Church could sing about capital punishment)

4. I’ve been reflecting a lot on obedience lately. Probably due to reading the book I just finished and a discussion in it on God versus Church. I agree with most everything Kelle says about God versus Church but I find church so incredibly important to me. I’ve been reflecting on why that is lately. Is it because it’s what I’m used to? Is it because I feel like I have to go to church? What I’ve found is that although churches are made up of people and therefore can be fallible and God is obviously not, I think there is a lot to be said about obedience. It teaches me so much–I have a post for this in and of itself drafting but I’m not sure it will ever be published.

5. I’m learning to love being in the yard more and more. It’s still not my favorite chore or activity, but I’m determined to love it and I’m getting there. My raspberries are thriving and I think I’m most excited about that so far.

6. I am having trouble sleeping again. This time, though, I think it’s just an adjustment that needs to be made. Cutting back on refined sugars and eating fewer sweets has made a huge difference for me. I’m such a convert. (Even though chocolate dipped cones from McDonalds call my name daily). I require less sleep. I actually cannot sleep as long as I used to and it’s almost infuriating because I love sleep. I think I just have to get my brain used to it.

7. I really like Emily as the Bachelorette and I didn’t think I would. What about you?

Do you want to add any assorted thoughts?