What is your artificial fruit flavor of choice?


Mine is cherry! Oh my goodness how I adore cherry flavored things.

Cherry cokes, cherry limeades, Shirley Temples, Haribo Twin Cherries (pictured above), cherry Jolly Ranchers, cherry slush, cherry popsicles, Pink Ladies (which are vanilla soft-serve mixed with Shirley Temple and it’s actually delicious!)

Normally I’m not a fruity sweets kind of girl. If I’m going to eat something that’s not really good for me most of the time I’d prefer it had chocolate in it to make it worth my while, but every once in a while a craving hits and I want cherry flavoring in something.

In case you were wondering I also loooooove real cherries. They are summer to me and I eat them like candy when they are in season. They are my favorite fruit by a landslide!

So what about you? What’s your favorite artificial fruit flavor? What kind of things do you like to eat with that flavor?