I haven’t been doing much any Bachelorette (or Bachelor) commentary lately. I just can’t keep up with all of the fabulously witty posts out there (as seen here..add these ladies to your Google reader, you won’t be sorry).

But I do have this funny (well, my husband thinks it’s funny so I’m trusting him on this one) thing to share.

Here’s how the Bachelor/Bachelorette watching thing goes down. Every Monday night my sister-in-law and I meet with my mom at my mom’s house and watch the show. Sometimes my sister-in-law’s mom joins us as well. Mom makes dinner and we sit around and watch, comment, and laugh.

Usually Zach will stop by on his way home and get a bite to eat and he may watch for a few minutes and put his two cents in. Likewise, occasionally my brother comes with his wife (combination of boredom without her at home/mom feeds him) and he will also get sucked in and make the occasional remark.

This week was no exception. My brother was on a role. He had me laughing so hard that my stomach was hurting and I couldn’t breathe. My brother is awful but he is so incredibly funny.

It started with him demanding the remote from me after it showed the audience (a.k.a horribly homely British folks) for the Romeo and Juliet date. He insisted on rewinding and pausing on every homely face. He made no comment, just kept pausing.

He repeatedly commented on Emily looking like a Barbie doll and wearing too much makeup. He kept saying she reminded him of someone. Finally it dawned on him and he pulled this picture up on his phone and held it up to the television screen next to Emily’s face.

Team America Lisa Photo Source

Bachelorette Emily photo source

To be honest, I don’t know the first thing about this Lisa. I’ve never once even watched a portion of Team America. All I know is that they make fun of Rent. (By the way, in case you didn’t know, I love RENT!) I know that they make fun of it because my brother sings me the song from it on a fairly regular basis.

But Zach has seen Team America and when I told him about this comparison he laughed pretty hard and insisted I put it on my blog.

What do you think? Do you see it?!

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