To Idahoans: Where do you take out-of-town visitors to show off the best of Idaho?

To Idahoans and Non-Idahoans Alike: What kinds of activities do you prefer/enjoy when you’re traveling to see family in an unfamiliar place?


The Georgians are coming here! They will be here in September for Zach’s graduation and we are so excited. Our families will mingle. We will play Things. We will celebrate all of Zach’s hard work. And we are dying to show them a good time out here and make the most of their visit. We are so stinking excited!

But there’s so much I want to show them. So much I want them to capture while they’re here.

My favorite thing about Idaho? Honestly…it’s the farmland. I love it. It’s the prettiest thing about this place. I love driving past farms and looking out. I don’t know what it is but it can sometimes make me want to cry.

There are plenty of farms to drive past while they’re here so we’ll get that in. We’re even thinking of a little trip out Marsing/Homedale way to really show off the gorgeous stretches.

Hike Tablerock? Take the downtown Trolley Car tour? Walk around downtown? Botanical Gardens?

What do you think best captures this place?

If you’re not an Idahoan (and even if you are) what are some priorities when you visit out-of-town? Local food (I know I prefer that)? Visiting the outdoorsy things? Shopping? Markets? What are things that you prefer to do when you’re visiting someplace new?

Give me some tour guide tips, pretty please! I am already in planning mode!