I am a summer person. I love the summertime and the sunshine. It’s mostly about the sunshine! Mom asked me the other day where all my blogging has gone. I have a few posts in the works, but I’ve just been loving the summer and I’ve kept myself busy and there really hasn’t been a lot of time. Funny when this is the least busy time of year for me work-wise.


So here’s a little something until I get around to really posting something with substance.

Zach just texted me that he bought tickets to see Eric Church. And I am about dying over here. If you don’t remember, he was on my list a while back. I love him. We danced to one of his songs as one of our wedding songs. I LOVE HIM! I am almost about as excited to see him as I am every time I get the chance to see Randy.

I cannot wait! Oh my goodness. There is not a single song that this guy sings that I do not die for! Aaaah! I’m dying over here. Not to wish away summer, but I certainly have something to look forward to come fall!