I officially have summer fever… My coworkers would say I always have it, but it is terrible this week. I do not know if it is because I had church tasks 3 different nights this week and I didn’t go outside or if I drove in to work today with campers heading out for early starts on their weekend or I saw a vacation ad pop up on my computer, it doesn’t matter  I want to go OUTSIDE!! The deal breaker came yesterday when we took our boss out to lunch for her last day and Red Robin asked if we wanted to sit on the patio. Oh my word… never should I do that in the middle of a work day again… I wanted to leave work so badly that I was near an adult tantrum!! I was reliving in my mind the days when the adults would want us out of their hair and yelled “Go outside and play.”

I love it out there. I complain about the heat, but I love the sun, love it. I get a thrill out of stupid little things in summer like just walking in and out of stores that have all the bright summer picnic merchandise for sale. I actually drool over orange plastic plates. I will never buy them I just love to look at them. I love leaving the heat to go inside a cool movie theater and walking out at 9 p.m. and it is still light outside. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and I actually enjoy yard work. I like to see things clean up and then run the sprinklers on my freshly mowed lawn. I LOVE the flowers. I love roses, petunias, marigolds, lilacs, geraniums heck I love ALL flowers. I love watering my garden and hoping to see things grow, I love seeing them grow and I LOVE eating the tomatoes. I love the smell of coconut sun tan lotion and chlorine from a pool.   I love barbeque and fresh air and lemonade. I actually loved (Shar will find this hard to believe) sitting outside in the heat while she had her yard sale and talking to the different (some of them very different :)  people.  I love the robin in my backyard every morning. I love the sound of my niece and nephews playing in the backyard pool and their brown bodies all running around the yard.  I love to read magazines on an old sheet lying out in the sun. I love snowcones. I love to swim. I even consider the job of  yard work going outside to play.  I simply love summer.

I actually got a little bit of anxiety when I realized that it will be July in less than 2 weeks. I started to feel like I did when I was a kid and would open our mailbox to find the Back to School Ad from Sears in there. I seriously wanted to scream. OH NO!!! I haven’t done ANYTHING fun yet. OH NO I have to get some sun I have to swim, I have to have a SUMMER I have to go outside to play!!!  

So rather than scream today I will go home early, mow my lawn and water my flowers and my garden, possibly drink some lemonade and maybe tomorrow I will find my way to lay out in the sun.  I am going to enjoy the rest of this season. I mean that. I WILL find the time to spend in the water, cutting my flowers, eating from my garden and just enjoying it. Please do remind me of this when it is 105 and 5 at night and I am near heatstroke running my mower, cursing and drinking from the garden hose because I have left my head and don’t care if I get parasites as it is too far to walk back in the house to get a drink.

You may have to remind me of this in August when I begin to gripe about the horrible heat. I will and I know it but for now I am going to count down and get into work and get out so I can GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY… You should too.