What do you do to tend to a broken/healing heart?


Oh how that answer has evolved over the years…and yet there are a few things that will forever remain the same.

In high school I healed a broken heart through sad music, baths, ice cream, and writing in an extremely (laughably) dramatic fashion.

In college I healed a broken heart listening to Matchbox 20, eating either Dove ice cream bars or Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (if it was a “healthier” time for me…regardless, I would eat the entire case), and watching Hope Floats. At the time broken hearts came strictly from boys on some level so I lived to hear Harry Connick Jr. tell Sandra Bullocks character, “I know that he could let you go!” When she tells him that he doesn’t know her husband. That was my line of strength. It would boost me up. Oh, and I wrote. I wrote at the tops of my college notebook pages when I was supposed to be taking notes. That’s the real reason I keep all of my college notebooks. They are my best journals. Far more telling than my actual journal, that’s for sure.

Today, I heal a broken heart with prayer and chocolate (in the form of frozen yogurt, chocolate chips, or Oreos…take your pick. Refined sugar came back with a vengeance, but it’s okay, I’ll be done soon enough). Lots of episodes of Drop Dead Diva. I don’t need a line of strength like that right now, I need to laugh and occasionally that show will get a laugh out of me and it’s a beautiful healing thing. Thankfully, I have Zach, too. I cuddle him like crazy. In all honesty, if I’m praying or in Zach’s arms: everything is okay. It really is in those moments. Those moments sustain me. And I still write. I’ve already started writing posts on this heartbreak. I have journaled about it a little bit as well. It’s been therapeutic.

When life was sad (whether I was down or sick) my grandma’s cure-all was grape juice. I haven’t taken a sip of grape juice since she passed away (a guilt thing). Mom gave me some grape juice the other day. She said she had a feeling so maybe Grandma wanted me to have it and I felt okay with it. (More on that later). And I drank it. It truly has helped heal my broken heart as well. Tender mercies. That’s all I have to say.

What about you? What’s your standard protocol for a broken heart?