We are currently putting new flooring in our living room. (For clarification purposes, by we I mean my dad and Zach). I just happen to be around. I do various things to feel like I’m contributing such as pick up a Diet Pepsi for my dad, ask them to please be careful when they are using the saw, and I’m sure it’s especially helpful when I get frustrated about how messy my house is and get worried that my moldings will never be the same again.

It’s really neat having my dad and husband work side by side. I smile inside about that while I get nervous inside every time the saw turns on. I am just so incredibly fearful that some kind of injury will take place in my living room.

Aside from helping out with the floors, I’ve also done some other things: taken Mal for a walk, gone grocery shopping, done laundry, and started a lot of Pinterest deep cleaning tasks.

I’ve found that since the rest of my house is the absolute messiest it’s ever been (which drives me craaaaaaaazy) it helps my mind to clean other parts of the house. I have really enjoyed hitting some of these Pins plus it helps me chisel away at my bucket list goal of completing 1o pins.

I thought I’d share. Here are a few of the tasks I’ve tackled:

Clean your oven with ammonia

Clean your oven racks with dryer sheets

Clean your glass stove top

And on the list for tomorrow?

Deep clean the dishwasher

-Deep clean the washing machine

You’ll notice that just about all of these come from the site One Good Thing By Jillee…you must start following this site if you haven’t already (mom, you will die!)

So even though there’s dust everywhere, tools line every countertop and crevice in my house, and the furniture is a million different places, my dishwasher, stove, and washing machine are performing at their peak of cleanliness.