When I started recipe recap posts, I thought I would try for once a month, hitting on our favorites. I try new recipes out constantly in this house. I love it. But I haven’t shared any of our new ones in quite a while. Here’s to hoping, I can get on track with these posts in the future. But for now, here are some favorites over the past few months:

Sugar-Free Deep Dish Cookie Pie


Worth a shot? Yes! I loved it. I really did. I thought it was gooey and delicious. We will definitely make it again around here.

Skinny Peanut Butter Banana Bread


Worth a shot? Yes, but not if you’re looking for a real banana bread taste. I honestly think the pancakes I list below tasted more like banana bread than this. However, I will say this: Zach (who is a banana bread LOVER really liked this bread).

Best Burger Recipe Ever


Worth a shot? Yes, but not on the grill. They fell apart and Zach has to work some magic to salvage them. Definitely more of a George Foreman or skillet meal, but they were good. I can’t vouch for the sauce, we didn’t try it. Which probably makes me a bad wife considering I’m positive my husband would have loved it. I was equally positive I wouldn’t so I didn’t attempt. Maybe next time?

“KFC” Baked Chicken


Worth a shot? Yes! This was super easy to make. The chicken was juicy. The flavor of the breading was really good. I was skeptical about this recipe, but turned out very pleased.

I also must share a new blog I’m following: minimalistbaker. Everything on this site is already mouth-watering. Her ingredient lists are short and made up of easy to find ingredients. They usually require one bowl/spoon. They are healthy. The pictures are pretty. We recently tried oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pancakes….and they were healthy and yes, they were good.


Worth a shot? Yes!

I’m currently coming up with a little more formal rating system for the recipes I share. Look for that sometime before the next recipe recap! I’m already excited!

**Ahead on the next recipe recap: I plan to try a dessert recipe using avocado, fun zucchini recipes, a supposedly to.die.for chicken recipe, and white chicken spaghetti to name a few.***