Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the Dating Divas I know about National Nude Day.


Seriously, how much fun is that? I think this day can be full of so much fun and great ideas. (And they don’t just have to be intimate or sexual…I know for a fact exactly what I would have done 10 years ago on this day, naked Chinese fire drills anyone?)

But I thought I’d take a different approach with this one.

I thought let this day for us to celebrate ourselves in the nude. Let’s celebrate, appreciate, and love our bodies no matter what. If anything just for today. Let this be a start. We’re celebrating our birthday suits, right? Here are all of the ways I can think to celebrate our bodies and while they don’t all take place in the nude, we’re being grateful for our bodies naked or not.

*Do something special to make you feel sexy: shave your legs, use fancy bath soap or lotion, paint your nails, give yourself an at-home facial, or even a sugaring (hair removal) if you dare.

*Exercise…you can certainly do that in the nude, but you can also hit the gym, the road running, or whatever you want to do today.While you’re working out take a minute to think about all that your body is capable of.

*Wear your favorite outfit (and perhaps your favorite underwear) or favorite shoes. That’s always a boost right?

*Wear a scent you just love, maybe even one you save for special occasions.

* Spend some time out in the sun and then take a cool shower–it’s exhilarating, refreshing, and maybe even a little sexy.

*Feed your body right, but enjoy it. Make yourself a refreshing, light, healthy smoothie like this or this.

*Look at your body in the mirror and find 5 positive things to say about it…do NOT say a single negative thing. Do you have good skin? Nice curves? A good shape? A nice bottom or chest? Do you like your hair or eyes? Maybe your toes or knees? Just find 5 positive things to say about yourself while admiring it. It might not be easy, but we’re celebrating today so who cares?!

*Make it romantic, need I say more?

What will you do to celebrate National Nude Day?