Lots of drama and mystery behind the big finale. Emily feels like she’s betraying both men, so she cries and has to start some kind of conversation.

During the “Men Tell All” Chris Harrison didn’t even ask Emily how things were going, just to add to the suspense.

“The most dramatic finale in Bachelor history.” Aren’t they all?


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I have 4 (I know that’s a lot, but stay with me) ideas about what might happen on Sunday night. I will share them. (Again, these are my ideas, they are not anything I’ve read anywhere, just thoughts I have).

Please comment on what you think will happen (unless of course you’ve read the spoilers). Do you agree with me or do you see it a different way?

A. Emily decides she wants Sean back and sends Jef and Arie home and she will profess her love for him instead.

B. She chooses one before the time for the ceremony and so basically ends up sending one of them home “early.” Not very dramatic, but ABC has been known to hint at drama that never really is there, especially this season.

C. She doesn’t feel ready to either say goodbye or accept a proposal so she extends the dates (like that one bachelor did FOREVER ago when he kept dating both women for 6 months in the real world and then had to break up with one on national television).

D. She picks neither of them (I give up at this point, I will pitch a freaking fit!)

All in all, I’m honestly sad to see this season end. I didn’t think I would like Emily as the Bachelorette, but I’ve loved her. From not having any sleepovers with the guys, to sending them home before the rose ceremony (or end of a group date) if need be, to standing up to them publicly at the men tell all. She is by far one of my favorites. She also narrowed it down to some really great guys and watching has been fun. I am in support of Jef all the way. He just kind of came out of nowhere and won my heart.  Love him!