My mom taught me a trick a week ago. A WEEK AGO! I’ve been running a household for almost three years and just now she teaches me this?!! (Note: I say running a household with a whole lot of sarcasm and not much else).

While dad was over helping Zach with the floors I fed him every night. Not sure he loved it. We don’t do a lot of breads, potatoes, etc. with dinner around here. Our sandwiches are not on white bread, they’re on Sandwich Thins actually. Dad likes a bologna sandwich, on white bread, with American Cheese and a Diet Pepsi.  Dad’s body is purely (and I mean that) made up of chemicals. Somehow he’s not fat and he keeps on ticking, but I just can’t offer that kind of food at my house. I stored Diet Pepsi in the fridge for him, but that’s about it.

I digress. I made pulled pork sandwiches one night while he was here. I thought he’d like it (even if they were served on sandwich thins). Mom came over that night to drop something off and joined us for dinner as well. She was helping me with the dishes afterward and she pulled out the crock pot and said, “You know how you clean this easily?” I said, “No!” Actually I asked her if it was the put a roasting bag in it and throw it away thing on Pinterest I’ve seen, I can’t bring myself to do that, it’s too wasteful.

I hate cleaning my crock pot. When I cook out of it, that’s probably the only time you’ll see dishes in the sink the next morning. I hate dishes in the sink! But I hate cleaning my crock pot even more….I think. Until now.

Here’s the super easy trick from my mom which originated apparently from my Aunt Cara, who knows how long they’ve been holding out on me.

*Sprinkle 1/2 tbsp of dishwashing detergent (the powder) or just sprinkle some–the amount it completely up to you. I think I used about 1/2 a tablespoon

*Fill crock pot with warm water

*Let sit for a few hours (I think mine sat for 2 or 3)

*Quite literally wipe it out with a clean dish rag and it’s good to go! Seriously, no major soaking/re-soaking, no scrubbing. It’s that simple. I cleaned out my crock pot the night of dinner and my sink was clean in the morning.

I am so excited about this trick. I just had to share it.

**Mom uses fancy dish detergent at her house, so she buys a box at the dollar store specifically for this and her pans/cookie sheets (she says it works the same on those too, can’t wait to try!)

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