What do you collect?

In elementary school I collected bells. Yes, you read that right. Bells! I don’t really know how that started or why, but that was my thing for quite a while. Then I stopped for some reason, not really sure why (mom?).

In high school and through college I started collecting Disney stuff, namely Cinderella dolls, pictures, books, etc. I love Disney. Our child’s nursery will be Disney based but in a non-babiesh(yes, I made that word up)way you’ve never seen before (oh, how excited I am for that day). Cinderella is my favorite princess. She didn’t start out that way. She became my favorite in like the 7th grade for some reason, but that’s a post for another day certainly.

I stopped collecting those things because (oh my mom will love this) I realized when I moved out on my own that I didn’t want a lot of clutter. As a child/teenager clutter didn’t bother me. Suddenly it did and I mean suddenly.

When I moved out for the final time I left a lot of stuff at my mom’s house and the rest of the stuff that she didn’t let me leave there mostly got thrown away. I can’t keep things in a closet for ever and I can’t display nicknacks because they need to be constantly dusted and I have a thing about dust in my house as it is…so that’s a no-go.

But I continue to collect (and have collected since high school) quotes.

They started out as just romantic quotes. I was a lover of love and a reader of fictional Mormon love stories and a watcher of soap operas (how does that even work? I’ll tell you how in a post coming your way.)

Then I branched out in my television watching and my book reading and realized that I didn’t just soak up romantic lines, but that I soaked up powerful messages. I realized just how incredibly powerful words are.

I keep post-it notes with me whenever I read any book and I mark my favorites and go back at the end and write them all down in special book I keep just for holding all of my quotes in.

I have big plans for words. I want them in my house. Displayed in different ways. I have many ideas but little talent for getting the ideas transferred to home decor, but I have ideas and I will have some of my favorite quotes gracing the walls in our home.

I will be happy to pass those books on to my children someday. It is very “me” and I hope that it will be a treasure to them.

What do you collect?