Answer This

I got this idea from Hailey of The Hailey Daily.

What have your five senses been up to lately?

I’ve been seeing:

1. Beautiful sunsets/sunrises. 2.Words on a page of my books as I read outside. 3.My garden grow! And it is so satisfying.

I’ve been hearing:

1. Silence. I love the quiet of summertime in my house. 2. Pandora. When I’m not enjoying the silence, I’m enjoying country music blare through my speakers.

Afternoon Naps

I’ve been feeling:

1. Water with the hose after going for a run and watering my garden. 2.Hard floor under my feet instead of carpet, still makes me excited. 4. Sun on my skin…pure bliss!

I’ve been tasting:

1. Delicious fresh meals as seen here 2. Sonic drinks. (My summertime guiltiest pleasure…perhaps next summer I’ll learn how to make some healthier tasty drinks, but for now, these are diviiiiiine. 3. Chocolate dipped cones from McDonald’s.

I’ve been smelling:

1. Roses that are fresh from my garden. 2. Zach after he gets out of the shower (best smell EVER!)3. A clean house, ah! Finally.

What have your five senses been up to?

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