I am a crier.

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It’s who I have always been. I am not a weak person. In fact, I like to think myself pretty tough…emotionally that is. (I cannot do ONE regular push-up to save my life).

Crying is one of the things that makes me the most…me. I know that might seem funny, but the easier tears come, the healthier I am emotionally.

Right now, I would say I’m pretty emotionally healthy. I haven’t been in this good of a place since college. I don’t know what it is. The healthier lifestyle. The time spent working on my body image. Being reminded of what’s really important through trials. Choosing gratitude at every turn.

Not sure what it is, I wish I could pinpoint it, but I can safely say: I’m happy. I’m in a good place.

Therefore I cry.

I cried during this book and then sobbed at the end. I’m out in the backyard reading this book (in myunderwearliterally–good thing that’s not the day my father-in-law decided to drop by while I was reading outside).

I cried when this song came on the radio. It reminded me of my grandpa and I cried again about that. It made me think about my grandparents home. And that made me bawl. Then my mom’s post made me cry.

Then I cried when this song came on the radio–while I was out on a run no less. I don’t joke…I’m wiping away tears jogging down the road.(It probably had something to do with Colorado. I’m still quite shaken by that).

I cried when going through my grandparents stuff.

Then I cried when this song came on, and then this one. (Love both of these by the way).

It’s been a non-stop tear fest at our house. I feel for my husband. I don’t think he knows what to do with it.

But I welcome it. I’m good.

What tells you that you are in a good place?

**The music/book linked in this post are really good. I recommend taking time to listen to each song and reading the book. Just saying.