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One of my favorite movies is For Love of the Game. The acting isn’t superb, I know this. But I love the story. I don’t know why, just do.

At one point in the movie Kelly Preston’s character tells Kevin Costner’s character that she sometimes wishes people just walked around with signs that told who they were. She gives one word lines like: lonely, happy, etc…

Sometimes I do think that would be nice. Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to know a little about a person’s story before meeting them? Perhaps we’d be a little kinder to one another if we were honest about our insecurities and struggles. Perhaps we’d be a little more willing to seek advice from people who are forthcoming with their talents and strengths.

I know that we are meant to love each other no matter what, but sometimes I think it would be nice to broadcast who we are. Maybe it would even take a weight off of our shoulders or liberate us to some extent.

We can’t do this in the day-to-day world of physical interaction. And I know we are not meant to. There is beauty in finding the hidden stories of people we don’t know and decide to get to know. There is something to be said for the vulnerability of telling your own story to a new friend after getting to know him/her.

In the blogging world, though, it’s the opposite. There is that little bit of insight before anything else. There are honest posts, posts about challenges and trials and struggles. There are day-to-day posts that give insight into a person’s daily life which is pretty telling of a person altogether. There are talented posts where bloggers showcase their abilities to do-it-themselves, take pictures, craft, cook, write, parent, build a happy marriage, etc.

We get that little bit of honesty before we even “meet” the person, comment on their page, or start following their blog.

I love that about blogging. I love being able to tell the world who I am in my little spot on the web and I love getting to know others the same way.

Before you and I ever exchange words (written or otherwise) you know that I adore my husband, struggle with my body image, love to clean, don’t enjoy crafts, am Mormon, and so much more. You probably know more about me than a lot of the people I work with.

Blogging allows us to hear other people’s stories and celebrate other people’s talents and I think that if we take what we learn in the blogging world: compassion, love, and admiration into the real world we might be a happier people. 

Why do you love blogging?