I was mowing my lawn the last couple of weeks and I began thinking about how my life has come full circle.. I believe I have stated before that I like yard work and I do like it. I enjoy doing things that you see immediate results from. So the jobs like vacuuming, mowing, mopping I like those., but after summer has worn on a while I begin to wish to not HAVE to do the mowing every single, freaking hot, horrendously torturous week!!

Mind you I took on this chore years ago because Todd works out of town a lot and also has horrible allergies and I consider it “forced exercise”. I always have. I work at a job where I sit from 81/2 to 10 hours a day. I consider shoving that mower around and around and sweating and bending and hauling exercise. It has to be done every week so I can’t get out of it , thus I gifted it with the term of “Forced Exercise”. The last couple of weeks I think I can safely say that this type of exercise could rightly be compared to a “recreational colonoscopy”, I suppose it is necessary and you forget the pain of it week to week and you wake up and the world looks kind of pretty. This is all wonderful and yet it is a giant pain in the rear!
I am now thinking I would prefer a Forced Nap.. which is where I have come full circle. When I was in kindergarten we had “Nap Time”. I HATED it.. I could never fall asleep. Furthermore I didn’t want to fall asleep – who wants to shut their eyes next to a guy who picks his nose and eats paste?!!! To me this whole concept was worse than being in a Stephen King movie. I did however want to be the good fairy that got to tap the people awake, but I never was because you had to be really sleeping to get that job.

Oh how I would l love to be told halfway through my day to eat a graham cracker and drink some milk and lay down on the mat on the floor and take a nap. Though once again I probably would not do well on a mat on the floor as that would be another whole half a day getting myself up from there and being able to feel my feet again. I am too old to nap on the floor. I would however gladly come home one Thursday afternoon(the day designated to mow) , eat a graham cracker dip it in my milk and climb on my bed, my nice comfy bed and take a nap.