I will never understand how you can call me on the phone and within minutes…minutes I say…literally be impossible to reach. 

I’ve called probably a dozen times tonight.

I have had some venting to do.

I have had some plans to tell you about.

I’ve needed to confess some things I ate/said/thought/did today to you.

And most importantly I needed advice. Badly. Badly needed advice.

More than anything, I needed your reaction to the advice I need.

Most people who are good at what they do normally work themselves out of a job. Not you. You are so good that even at my old age (and Shane’s, too). We still desperately need you to answer the phone. Please remember this.


p.s. I already sent Shane a link to this with a note saying “Read my post about how mom doesn’t answer the phone.” The thought of this makes me laugh at myself. Since just the other night when Shane and Kylie were over for dinner I said, “Did you hear from mom today!” And his response was, “Oh my gosh! Not until just like five minutes ago. She left work early and didn’t think she needed to tell anyone.” Hilarious how we are like your parents!!