There are things I do when I am by myself that I would never(or at least infrequently) do with an observer around. Everyone has these things and if you don’t I call …FAKER! There are also things we do when we THINK we are alone and then realize we are not.. Like the guy and the lady in the church choir picking their noses during a satellite broadcast to  thousands of people.. No I was not this lady.. but I was privy to the show a couple of weeks ago..

I was also privy to a different type of thing a while ago on my way to work. I pulled up at the stop light at 7.00 a.m. next to a large older pick-up with a very burly looking man dressed in work shirt with a beard and a Schnauzer on his lap.. licking his face all over like there was no tomorrow and staring up at him with that look of love that only a dog can give… I don’t know why I couldn’t quit staring at this, but I couldn’t and he eventually looked over at me ( the guy looked-the dog never stopped being enthralled) and I smiled at him and waved and he laughed.. I laughed too and the light turned green.. It made my day. 

There are things that I do or see others do alone that make my day.. in that happy, sunshiny, unicorn world(as my sister would say) of mine and then there are the things I do alone that are a “Make my day” in a Clint Eastwoody kind of way.

Some of these things are .. Turn the bass up several notches on the stereo in my pickup. It makes a booming teenage-Shane driving-sound and I LOVE it.. I play the stereo far too loud and with a lot of bass and I even sing to it by myself .. all alone in the car..  When I return to our subdivision or take other people with me the bass is on the setting Todd put it at for “clear..concise sound”, but when I am alone I am the white rapper!  I also slap my hands to the music and move my feet around.. The only other people who have been a part of this performance are my kids (when they were very young) and my nephews and niece.. Who by the way LOVE my car dancing :)

This takes me to the next thing.. When I am home alone I turn the stereo up way loud-house shaking loud. I clean my house and DANCE.. No I can’t really dance which is why I do this. I can really shake it alone in my front room with my Dyson attachments and a feather duster!!! I become Tina Turner from the 70’s .. I would die if someone caught a glimpse of it.  Shar and Zach surprised me once during a cleaning, dancing spree and came up to the door with the music blaring.. No one saw me just heard the noise and they tattled to Todd later.. Shar said in a tone like a scolding parent..”Dad do you know we came over the other day and mom was in here with the music so loud Zach and I could hear it clear out to the street.” Then I got the look from Todd too.. So here I am in a room full of “proper people” and I am guilty of what??? Dancing to loud music! See why I do it alone .. it saves reliving a scene from Footloose.

I will also go to a movie alone and eat ALL the popcorn in my bucket! I will eat my dinner from the container in the fridge when I am alone and don’t want to have another dirty dish. I will say a real bad word when I drive the mower over the air filter cover that just fell off and I missed it and now it is spewed all over the grass and I need to take a trip to Valley Tool the next day and buy a new one.. No hair cut for me again this week!!! (sorry still upset about that one) I will watch indie films and comedies and laugh all by myself in my room and when I am working around the house I watch the “judge” shows on t.v… I LOVE them. They are bottom feeding and yet I LOVE them!!   

Here are a couple of my Clint Eastwoody(yes I made this word up): Trying to drive the person who just tried to cram me into the barrier on the freeway up the other one .. just for a split second…  Rolling down the window and telling someone directions to hell on the freeway.. and the sign language I use when someone does something I deem rude or stupid once again ON THE FREEWAY! These things are especially wonderful when you do them and then find the person you tried to run up the wall works in the cube next to you .. Yes they are still dumb for driving like an idiot. I am still dumb for trying to teach them how to from a book that in no way  resembles Hatch’s Driving School(plug for my son-in-laws grandpa and my kids teacher) :)   I am not proud of the Clint Eastwoody things- they are embarrassing.This is another good reason to do them alone..  Perhaps I should teach this side of my person a little singing and dancing..   

What do you do alone?