Ha! My husband loves that song (and admittedly, I love it when he sings it) but it’s funny for me to be quoting it on my blog. It’s so “not me.”

School just started and sickness has been running rampant through my school. Several teachers have been out sick for more than a day and the rest of us sound awful. Walking into the teacher’s lounge sounds something like an infirmary. Okay,maybe not quite, but it’s early September and that’s not the norm.

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I’m not too happy about this illness that’s attempted to take me down. I started to feel myself getting sick earlier this week. Wednesday I came home earlier than I had originally planned. I planned to get some work done after school, instead, I headed straight home. Zach was dressed to go to the gym when I walked into the door. I asked him to just “lay down and cuddle with me” for a few minutes since I didn’t feel so good. He quickly and all-to-willingly obliged.

We were out! More than 2 hours passed us by and we didn’t even realize it. I was sick and Zach was..well Zach (dude can fall asleep in a matter of seconds even if he doesn’t feel tired!)

After I woke up, I decided that I just did not want to let sickness take over my life so early in the school year. (I don’t do sick well and I do fight with all of my might!) I got onto Pinterest and found a few home remedies for battling colds.

I took a detox bath (I went the apple cider vinegar route after combing through the comments) and rubbed Vick’s vapor rub on my feet. On top of that I drank  V8 (I always do when I’m sick) and lots of water.

I rested the rest of the night. Zach and I watched a little Netflix and went to bed.

I am still not feeling myself, but I’m not  as sick as everyone else I work with. I didn’t take as hard a hit as everyone else. I haven’t taken a single pill or medication. If you’re sick, or if you end up getting sick, try some of these things!

Here’s to hoping I’m back to myself 100% by Sunday night!