I came home tonight wanting to write a post but not really having any drive or inspiration. Then I came across this post from Living in Yellow which actually originated here. I decided to link-up and share some of my opinions. I’ve got lots of ’em so it didn’t take much to put a few to paper.

I agree with Erin and her #25 opinion–so I also decided to stop my list at #25.

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1. September 11 should be at least acknowledged if not discussed and taught at school no matter how many historical events you think are “more important.” (Heard that one today for the first time)

2. Meetings are a sifter of sorts…they separate the brains from the…uh…rest (Do you not realize that nobody wants you to ask your 1039 question? Did you not hear the answer when he explained it the first, second, third, fourth time?!)

3. There is something wrong with people who do not like children

4. Country music is the most____________(patriotic, happy, fun, etc…) music there is.

5. Jodi Picoult is a better author than Nicholas Sparks, Jennifer Weiner, Elin Hildebrand, and practically any other top seller in her category. Hands down!

6. Sleeping with the windows open is so much better.

7. Cleavage is sexy and should be embraced.

8. Too much cleavage is trashy and should be avoided.

9. Lip gloss/balm and hair ties should be included in a home emergency preparedness kit. Can you imagine?!?!

10. Santa should never be referred to as anything but real.

11. It is not a woman’s job to dress modestly to keep a man’s mind clean. That’s his job. Her job is to respect herself. (I could talk about this allllllll.daaaaaayyy.loooong.)

12. Eating healthy is not overrated.

13. Jokes about not shaving legs because ___________(it’s wintertime, you’re married, you’re too busy, etc..) are gross and unnecessary. Shave your legs! Have some self respect!!

14. You get what you pay for.

15. A messy house is the worst thing to wake up to.

16. It is perfectly acceptable to leave the house without your makeup on.

17.  All women should leave the house without their makeup on every so often.

18. To steal an opinion from my friend Renee “Just because your shirt matches your pants, doesn’t mean you should wear it to work.”–on teacher dress

19. Women could change the world if they’d hold higher standards for the men they date/marry.

20. Women could change the world if they would be happy in their own skin.

21. School from a computer and not a classroom is a sad thought.

22. I rarely (oh so rarely) drink soda anymore but I will still shout “Coke over Pepsi” until the day I die.  So much better! (with Cherry!!)

23. Scentsy should be a staple in every home.

24. Brown hair is sexiest.

25. Life is best when you have something to believe in!

What are your opinions?

Post your own and link up!