It is my favorite blogger’s birthday on Friday.

Now I read a lot blogs. Who could possibly be my favorite?

That would be my mom.

Even though I feel like I’m the most priviledged individual on the planet because I had her for a mom. I still feel priveledged to read her words of wisdom (and yes, even her words of humor) on Fridays on my blog.

My mom taught me all the most important things through example. I too must have the blinds open in the house (and believe wholeheartedly it’s a better way to be), she taught me the joy of a clean house, a cup of hot chocolate, movie watching in pajamas, naps, hard work, and laughter. My mom is simply the best. I talk about her on here a lot (a lot a lot) and I recognize that. Today I thought it would be nice to hear what my brother has to say about my mom:


This goes out to someone who carries both of these names

Both a MOM and a MUM, ours is the greatest to play the game

A true gangsta at heart when she rocks out to the Soulja Boy Rap

Or is she a softy who has to put up with all of our crap?

Our MUM likes to take on any yard work at hand

And our MOM has an obsession with banging all the pans

Saturday mornings with the vacuum cleaner on

Only 7 A.M. but that doesn’t matter for our MOM

No consideration when we’d be trying to sleep

But now that doesn’t matter cuz our MUM is ours to keep!

From taking me to football to violin lessons with my Ham

Somehow our MOM always managed to make time for the fam

First days at school, graduations, and weddings too

Getting mad at me when the door is open when I poo

There aren’t words that can describe the love we feel

For our MUM who to us has truly been a friend for REAL

To the wonderful lady who is turning the great age of 53

MUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM just know that we love THEE!!!!!

-Shane and Ham

***My brother got mom’s poem writing/rhyming talent for sure. This is such a mom way to write.

**Only for my mom would I allow the comment about the bathroom door on my blog. Although I’m sure she’s as mortified as I am. I’m also pretty sure she at least laughed a little, even if it was horrified.