I managed to be the first one to wish it to me on my day …It is right now 12.32 a.m Sept 14th .

I am 53 years old today and that should count for something right?

I thought I would give you some tidbits of knowledge I have gained from living this long.

Some of them I learned before making the mistake .. some of them are life lessons from

a midlife crazy lady.

Never mop your floor BEFORE a family gathering.. Do it after or you will do it twice.

You do not HAVE to mow your lawn twice a week.. Once is fine ..unless you LOVE doing it.

Your children come from heaven as they are.. You can take all the credit or blame you want, but it all boils down to who they have always been. Don’t try to break that by making them conform to your ideals. Love them and be a decent person. They will take it from there.

Husbands will always do that thing that sends you over the edge.. Stop letting it.(still working on this one)

Don’t prune your trees too far back you will kill them. The same holds true for relationships.. if you try to control them too much they will die.

You do not need two cats in case they are lonely.. Cats WANT to be lonely.

You can still go swimming even if you are not beautiful.. It is not your problem what someone else doesn’t like. You Like to swim .. do it.

Put Money away always.. It doesn’t matter if you think you can afford it or not.. DO it anyway.. you will not regret this choice.

Do not buy more than one item on credit at a time. Do Not use credit cards.

Get the oil changed on time in your car.. Take care of the things you own..make them last.

Take better care of things you borrow.

Take better care of yourself.

No one else is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness.. this is totally up to you.

Think the best of people and let them surprise you otherwise.  It is too sad to do the reverse.

Take good care of your family .. it is something you will not regret ever. .

Call your mother, dad, grandparents,siblings. They are waiting for you .

Say your prayers and mean them.

Tell your family and friends that you love them.

If you are married.. look at your spouse  from the outside in. See the person that others see. It will give you an appreciation for the whole person you love. Tell them sometimes that you are proud of who they really are.

Never stop running.. it will make it hard to walk.

Embrace the age you are… You have earned every single moment and you should be glad of it.

Say you are sorry and mean it.

Regret things.. then move on .. None of us are guaranteed more time so we should try not to waste it on looking back.. (I have definitely got to try this)

Psalm 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.



p.s. Thanks for the blog, the poem and my nicely mowed lawn and graham crackers

Sharlee, Shane and Zach!!!!