I would like to apologize.. I had this written on Friday, but forgot to post it. I will probably be in trouble with the blog owner, but I wanted to publish this anyway.

My sister and I took care of my dad quite a bit the last few years and there is this one thing he would  say that would make all of the extra effort and time really feel worthwhile- sometimes he would say  “it was a good day!” This was so endearing and it made Cara and I both so happy.  In the last 3 years my dad didn’t think he had very good days. He was grief stricken and ill and in the end dependent upon Cara and I and the good people of his church to take him to work, doctor appointments and to run  his errands. So when he said “It was a good day” to either one of us after the stuff we had done with him that day we had to call each other. When he went shooting or to the movies with Shar and Zach or shooting with Levi and the boys, or to buy a new TV and stand with Todd  I had to tell them that after my dad had been with them he had said “It was a good day today”

Thursday was a GOOD DAY for me and not that I don’t have good days. This day was exceptional.. I took a vacation day from work. I ate the last of the birthday cake Shar made me for breakfast while I watched Good Morning America. I cleaned my house, mowed my lawn, did some laundry, took a bath and went to Zach’s college graduation!!!! oh MY HEAVENS what a happy day..

Todd and Shane and I met up with Zach’s parents, his sister Cassie and brother in-law Boi,  grandparents and Shar at the auditorium and got to witness this accomplishment It is well earned and deserved by him.. He graduated with Honors Too!! I am actually sooo very proud of him. It was such a good feeling and it carries the hope of a better future and dreams to come true. I  know they will! I want him to know that I almost cried like I was his mother.. what a fool.. What a GOOD DAY!

To end the day we all went to Idaho Pizza together and ended at our house to watch BSU win the ball game.. What a perfect day!!! It was a REALLY GOOD DAY>.

I have to go call Cara.!!!