Cake or frosting?

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Well, if it’s any indication by the photo I chose, I am a frosting girl all the way. I love me a corner piece of Costco cake!! Served alongside some vanilla ice cream–heaven!  I nearly melt on those oh-so-rare occasions when I get to taste that perfect combo.

I eat cake for the frosting. In fact, if you give me a cupcake, I tear the bottom off and just eat the frosting-covered top. So when I first heard about frosting shots I about died. It’s truly a dream come true–how did I not think of that myself?! I can’t wait to try one.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) I’m back to being refined sugar-free and loving it….but Chocolate-Covered Katie has a healthy frosting shot I’ve been dying to try. I think I may have to finally get out that can of coconut milk and let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, what do you prefer…the frosting or the cake?

Zach goes for the cake…lucky for me he’ll scrape his frosting off and put it on my plate.