I have noticed you guys are not really big on answering the  “Answer This” posts and it makes me kind of sad. I check back after Shar writes them and see if any of you have given an opinion. I like to read what other people think. If by chance this introduction has given you an inclination to answer some from now on, I would love if you would start today with my post.

  Last night my family and I went to Fast Lanes Go Kart Track in Boise. I   wanted to do this for quite a long time. I used to love riding Go Karts, as a matter a fact when I lived in Salt Lake I even went by myself to a track just to drive them. I am sad to say my experience was no match last night.  I lost to EVERYONE in my group.. EVERYONE Dead last. 

The opportunity to drive as fast as you can and cut people off and try to beat them is absolutely the most fun I have had in a very long time. It helps that the family is fun.. Shar was all excited about the helmet.. Kylie was trying to get one that didn’t bob all over her head, Shane and Zach looked like something out of  Lord of the Rings in the Head Socks and Todd was there due to persuasion. We took pictures and I would love to show them to you but, they are on Todd’s phone.

So anyway we had the safety video and Shar was all impressed with knowing all the answers to the quiz at the end. Then we got to pick helmets and take pictures and then get in the carts. This is when the people I came with changed into people I did not recognize.. They were not my family they were aggressive, competitive fools…. I was just trying to be sure I didn’t hit the barriers and have to “raise my hand” for help. When we were getting ready to get in Shar says “I call that mom is the first one on the barrier!” NOPE not me.. Not doing that.. I am  going to drive real fast up the straightway put on the brakes and turn, not hitting the barrier!!! Needless to say I was behind EVERYONE..  which is ok when the EVERYONE in front of you is nuts!  (This is a lesson I should take with me on my commute to work. ) Nuts I am telling you.. Shane got  a warning, I saw the guy thing in Todd when he decided he was going to be in it for real. What a bunch of  maniacs!!!

 We went out to dinner afterwards as a family … The talk , the jokes and the teasing was a lot of fun. It was truly absolutely the most fun I have had on a weeknight or really any night in a very long time..


What is the most fun you have had on a weeknight?