I think I like sleep a little too much, if we’re being honest. I have a hard time getting up. Not usually because I’m tired so much as I like the comfort and warmth of my bed and I’d rather stay there as long as I can. I nap whenever the opportunity arises. I like sleep.

Something about a sleeping baby makes me want to take a nap

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So here are a few sleep questions for you today:

Bedtime: Still between 11 and 12 but now that Zach’s out of school we sometimes get to bed just before 11.

Tummy, Side, or Back Sleeper: Mostly tummy, sometimes side, I NEVER sleep on my back. I don’t honestly think I could sleep that way.

Pajamas of Choice: In the summertime I wear t-shirt gowns to bed, They are super comfy and sometimes even a little cute (except for the one my mom bought me with dogs all over it, that ones super sexy). In the wintertime I usually wear a pair of Zach’s flannel pajama bottoms and one of his sweatshirts. I prefer his clothes to mine for sleeping–so comfortable.

If you share the bed, cuddler or non-cuddler: We are definite cuddlers. Even if we’re not truly cuddling we are looping feet around one another or bumping our backs together if we’re sleeping the opposite directions. We are usually somehow making contact.

What kind of sheets, blankets, etc: I like normal cotton sheets with higher thread count. We don’t sleep with jersey sheets or flannel sheets or satin sheets. I would maybe try those out sometime but for now..just normal cotton that’s a tad nicer works just fine for us.

What kind of pillows: I have to sleep with normal pillows that are more firm, Zach sleeps with down pillows. When I make the bed I put one normal and one down on each side and at night we must switch them back or neither one of us can sleep.

How many pillows: Usually two each. I could probably sleep with a third. I did when I was single. I think I slept with more than 3, but I’ve slept without a third pillow for almost three years now. It seems to be working out alright.

And now, your turn. Copy and paste the questions and fill out your own answers. Here’s to a good night sleep tonight!