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1. I have lots of birthday money to spend and I’m a little overwhelmed. Some gift cards some cash. I need new pants (jeans and dress) like BAD, but I’m too chicken to go try on a pair because I have not been working out like I’m supposed to an it’s showing. Mom and I have a dinner/running shoe date next week and I’m super excited about my running shoe birthday money.

2. Zach re-introduced me to M and M’s in frozen yogurt. I did that when I was little then I did the peanut butter cup thing and now I’m back to M and M’s. I am a BIG texture person with food and something about a frozen M and M is like incredibly addictive. It’s by far the number one reason I haven’t successfully removed sugar from my life yet. (Yep, failing at that one big time so far…more on  my need for discipline on Saturday)

3. Did you know that the Boise Temple is reopening? It was closed for remodeling in July of 2011. It will finally be opening. Did you know that when temples reopen the are open to tour from the public? After they’re dedicated they are only open to members of the church but I assure you, I’ve been in one before it was dedicated and after and they are the same. Nothing changes. It’s a neat opportunity to see the inside of a temple and get answers to questions. Zach and I are up for dinner dates and temple tours with anyone who wants to join us. Shoot us an email. We’re not doing this because we want to make everyone Mormon, but we’ve talked about it and we know that there are some crazy tales about what happens inside of temples (pretty sure we’ve heard them all) and we’d like to help people feel more knowledgable about what actually happens in there and what purpose it serves. See here for more info.

4. Nothing is better than coming home to a meal already ready in the crock pot. One of my favorites is pulled pork (which is a strange, after marriage, discovery. It really comes down to my adoration of BBQ sauce). Anyway, this is my favorite recipe–so easy and I don’t think I’ve ever shared it on here.

5. I will be in Utah this weekend without my husband. Incredibly excited because I’m hoping my grandpa will take me for a ride to see the fall colors in the canyon (wish I had a camera). I think it will be beautiful and I want to spend some time with grandpa and some time away from home, not Zach. I just need to be away from housework and internet and work (although I am taking work with me)and everything. I have the time so I’m doing it. I think it will be good for my soul. However, I am sad about leaving Zach. I told a co-worker this and she told me it was good for me because “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” If you know me, I’m already pretty fond of my husband, I don’t need absence. I quite like him.

6. I am looking for really good chili/soup/stew recipes. Thinking of doing an Answer This post for it on Tuesday. What do you think?