This weekend is conference weekend. For those of us who are LDS that means that we get church from home. Twice a year the Church’s General Authorities speak at the conference center in Salt Lake and the conference is shared via satellite broadcast with the rest of the world.

Those of us who live in Idaho are lucky enough to watch it on television, but it can also be seen from internet and the radio. Many people watch conference from their church buildings where they are able access the satellite.

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Last year, I shared with you some things I had questions about that I went to conference with and I shared the answers. The post was quite lengthy and I promise that my post will not be that lengthy after conference, I will be more concise.

I am going to watch conference with the following questions/thoughts in mind and believe I will find answers and inspiration:

*I am looking to get rid of pride or at least help limit my prideful moments. Pride is something I think we all struggle with. Some more than others. I am one that struggles with pride quite a bit. I would like to address that and make changes.

*I am looking for ways to improve my self-discipline…I’m failing trying to do it on my own. I’m hoping for some gospel approaches that will help me utilize my spirituality to become more disciplined.

*Last summer I experienced a change of heart when my guilt was taken away and literally transformed to peace. I was able to see some purpose behind our loss (though, I still have some questions that have not been answered). I realized through that experience that a lot of times I focus on the things that I should be doing because I’m “Mormon.” Rather than focusing on my relationship with Christ first and letting the rest of the stuff (service, scripture study, prayer, etc…) come as a result of that relationship. I’m looking for more ways to cultivate that relationship and change my heart even more.

Can’t wait to share what I learn!