Sharlee told me I should link up to Rachel’s blog and do this post. So I read hers and it was really entertaining I have given my opinion on here a lot, but I don’t tire of my opinion so you must hear it again.

1.  It should be a law that you have to take a nap on Sunday.

2.  Day shifts should begin at 9 and end at 2.

3.  You should not wear sandals with a sweater or a coat. You look like those books we got when we were children with mix match tops and bottoms and you need to decide what doesn’t go together.. This does not.

4.  People  should be allowed to wear  “yard work” or “house work” clothes WITHOUT the opinion of several members of their family weighing in on it.

5.  Teachers ( Good Teachers) deserve your respect.. You have NO legitimate reason not to give it to   them..

6. Your opinion is invalid if you disagree with #5.

7. People should not tell everything about themselves. EVER

8. Campaigns do nothing for the morale of our country.

9. You should always take a large group to dinner at PF Changs and order family style. You get to try a lot of new things this way.

10. You should be married at least 2 years before you have children. During this time you should take one really fun vacation together.

11. You should not keep having children if the ones you have are too much of a trial.

12. Never let a first impression keep you from a chance at a friend.

13. Movie theater popcorn is addictive

14. There is nothing prettier than the trees in the FAll.

15. Truly open minded people are OPEN to all people.

16. Too many doctors will kill you.

17. Women do not make good bosses.(I will catch it for this but, have yet to find a decent one)

18.  Forgiveness is an option.. Always. So is repentance.

19.  French fries are the best form of potato-Hands down.

20  Just because you have an opinion it is not always Kind to give it.

21. It is better to be kind than right.