Yes this is late and it may very well run into one of Shar’s but I had this set to publish on 10/26/12 at 1.00 ,,, it did not.

Halloween will be here next week and I have never been of the dark mind that thinks the holiday is evil. I think people make things what they want them to be. I see nothing evil about little girls dressing as princesses and boy’s as their favorite super hero. I don’t even mind the scary costumes in theory. I also find it just one day that a kid gets to have a lot of candy, all kinds of it and people telling them they are cute!!! So my blog is not an anti-Halloween blog.
I have things in life that creep me out to no end. Some of them are Halloween things and some just regular. I also decided to throw in a few that bother my kids just for the fun of it..
Here goes:

Creepy Candy Dishes

Overgrown Vegetable Plants

Sharlee also hates uncontrolled ornamental plants such as Ivy



Rabbits creep Shane out because they have their eyes on the side of their head.

I can’t look at the page of the ads for Dentastix because of pictures like this


and I hate the Mucinex guy too.


The whole thing around this ad is GROSS  and as I have spoken about before

these scare me to death

Last but not least ever since Sharlee took us to the late night viewing of Exorcism of Emily Rose  I am unable to walk through the costume section of any store without thinking I need to run.



Not kidding .. even one little bit…


So what creeps you out?

Happy HALLOWEEN !!!!