We had an amazing weekend.

1. It started off with us getting our family pictures taken on Friday afternoon with Misty. Here you will find a sneak peek of some of the photos.

Linked together for good! Our family and friends with us outside the Logan Temple.

2. We picked Shane and Kylie up to head for Utah this weekend. Shane and Kylie road with us in the car and we had a blast. My brother is hilarious so I laughed a lot. Kylie and I had a conversation that went like this, “Who is a woman you would like to see naked.” It went on for quite a while and I don’t think Shane and Zach much cared for the conversation since the people I was naming were Madonna and Kate.

I put on some music about an hour away from Logan and told Shane he would love it. He really doubted me and thought I was being sarcastic. Except I wasn’t, it was The Wilkinsons, a group from our youth, and the second they came on Shane waved his arms in the air and yelled, “YAY!” Zach laughed really hard.

After listening to the Wilkinsons and singing along, I put in Michael Jackson and Shane and I sang along (very loudly) to every favorite we had. Then Kylie asked if the “Free Willy song” was on my CD and I said no. Zach goes, “What’s the Free Willy song? Shane and I proceeded to bust out an amazingly accurate a capella version of that song in the car and then gave each other a high-five. Zach said he was surprised we didn’t bust out “the routine.” We are SO Ross and Monica and we are such geeks, but it was a really good time.

3.Shane and Kylie stayed at a motel RIGHT NEXT door to ours. We met them early the next morning to head to the Logan temple. It was Kylie’s first time and it was my first experience getting to be an escort. It was really cool to take Kylie through because she gets a little extra attention/information since it’s her first time. I won’t lie, the first time I went through, I was fasting (bad idea) so rather than listening to my extra information I was thinking about eating. This time I got to hear everything and take everything in.

Kylie’s first experience was also a first for our family. In the session we had Zach, me, Kylie, Shane, Mom, and Dad. Our entire family was in a temple session together for the first time ever. It was really neat and fun.

4.After that, Shane and I were sealed to our parents in the temple. Kylie’s session and our sealing were two separate things but MAJOR milestones nonetheless, making for a very big day.

I was most excited about that experience because I was hoping to feel my grandparents in the room with me. I was looking forward to that all weekend. I didn’t feel them the way that I wanted to and I shared this with Zach that night while in tears and he and I had a really good conversation. I felt a lot better afterward but Zach told me my grandparents were there but that maybe I try too hard. It’s probably true.

5. We spent some time with family at my grandpa’s house.

6. Shane, Mom, Zach, and I headed back to Logan on Saturday night to grab dinner together. We ate and laughed…both in equally large quantities.

7. Zach and I went back to our hotel room and curled up on a bed and watched Castle which is a rare treat. We don’t have a TV in our room and we don’t want one, but every so often, we enjoy watching our show in bed if we have the chance. Unfortunately, I fell asleep (long day) about 4 minutes into it so we got up for our free breakfast and then finished our show in bed…which I think was a first for us.

8. We headed back to my grandpa’s house to visit with him for a bit.

9. We got home safely, took Mal for a walk, got into comfy clothes, played Rummikub, and watched more Castle.

A good weekend, indeed.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?