It’s like an Answer This Halloween Edition:

1. What did you dress up as this Halloween?

2. What kinds of Halloween candy must be kept away from you?

3. What are your Halloween traditions?


Misty and Ken had a Ninjas versus Pirates themed Halloween party this year. So Zach and I took the Pirates side. I went as a pirated DVD and Zach went as a computer pirate. Which basically put him in normal clothes carting around the tech-y things he normally carries around. He didn’t cut his hair or shave…but I think that aspect was lost on everyone…me included. I didn’t think that part of the costume was necessary but that’s okay.

2. Oh my goodness. I’m a sucker for any fun size candy bar made with chocolate. So that has to be kept away. Snickers are the worst but Reeses Cups, Butterfingers, Crunch bars, Hershey Bars of any kind, M and M packs. All of those must be kept away. I don’t like Three Musketeers but I’ll eat them so anything with chocolate can’t come into the house.

As for the non-chocolate-y things. I unfortunately have  a pretty long list there, too. Anything sour…especially Lemon Heads. Oh my goodness! Tootsie Rolls. Chewy things like Laffy Taffy…also out.

I am not much for sugary sweets that aren’t chocolate-y but when it comes to Halloween, I just want all the chewy, sour, and chocolate-y treats I can get my hands on. It’s bad.

3. We have zero traditions for Halloween itself aside from dressing up each year. That’s why I asked the question. This morning I was thinking to myself it would be cool if we rented a scary movie and ordered pizza every year and cuddled up on the couch together. We don’t do that. One Halloween we had a marathon viewing of Damages which was pretty fitting to Halloween and I loved it. One year we carved pumpkins but we haven’t done it every year. We pass out treats sometimes and sometimes (like this Halloween) we went to a party instead. We just don’t have any Halloween traditions and I’d kind of like some.

So do me a favor, comment and answer those three questions, would ya?!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!