I am assuming that you have read Shar’s blog on her “Pretty darn good “weekend. I would like to also state that it was a REALLY Good Weekend for me too.  My family-The Logan Temple-what a gift!

  I had over the years the chance to contemplate A LOT about what being sealed to your family actually means to me.  I will say that in the department of my own immediate family the universe has smiled upon me.  This is a gift that I do not take for granted. I have taken a lot of things for granted-this one I do not!  I know how blessed I am and I truly am grateful.  I do not for one minute state that our family is a model for a Currier and Ives painting. We are not what Hallmark movies are made of.  We have tempers, impatience, misunderstandings and rudeness thrown in with lots of laughter, prayer, hope, dreams, advice, mutual admiration, forgiveness and above all LOVE.

 While our family was planning for this big event in our lives I began to think about what it means to me to have my family.

It means having someone to come home to at night and tell about the stock price at your company, the rumors, the news and the funny thing Yahne said today and to (sometimes) hear what kind of things went on at TVM today.

It means discussing the finances of sending your only son on a mission to a foreign country for two years or the issue of why you didn’t buy Heinz 57 at the store today because it was 7.39 and that is horrible.

 It means having someone there when you read a pregnancy test that says positive for the very first time and standing beside that same person in the kitchen 20 years later at 3.25 in the morning when he has just received the phone call saying that his mother has passed away.

It means building your first house together and painting and putting in the heating and air and plumbing yourselves so that you can afford to make the down payment and then 23 years later  throwing one of the biggest parties of a lifetime when your only daughter has found the guy she wants to spend eternity with.  

It means watching your son catch the football after you spent your overtime money on Nike gloves so he would have a better grip and then watching that same son catch the pretty young lady with the kind heart to make his wife.

It means fighting your way through piles of bills and after going years without a car payment driving off the lot in a brand new pick-up that you swore you would not be buying today!

It is a pile of magazines you are hiding in the spare bedroom for the next Bachelor season so you and Shar and Kylie can make your new dream boards and watch the show. It means watching some of the dreams on your last board come true.

My last two dream boards had my family in the temple. I got that dream. I am going to hold on to it. I hope to live up to it.

My family is not perfect..no family is.  The reason being families are made up of imperfect people.  The gift is the love… Hold on to the love… remember it when you are mad, be compassionate when the ones you love need it most, fight, make-up and remember who you are.. Today I am Elise Elmer Larson wife to Gordon Todd Larson, Mom of Sharlee Rose Larson Hatch and Shane Gordon Larson… mother-in-law to Richard Zachary Hatch and Kylie Brook Henderson Larson and I will take that as pretty dang blessed. I know it… I hope they know it. I plan to try to show them for time and all eternity.. 

So Todd, Sharlee, Zach, Shane and Kylie..