Dear Zach,

Three years ago today:

1.I couldn’t wait to become your wife and go to bed with you every single night.

2.I couldn’t wait to come home to you and give you a hug before anything else.

3. I couldn’t wait to make our house a home.

4. I couldn’t wait to watch dreams unfold with you.

5. I wondered if it could get any better than how I felt that day.

I basically could not wait for you to become a permanent (and eternal) fixture in my life.


1. I still cannot believe how much I look forward to laying down next to you each and every night. How much I enjoy sleep because I enjoy sleeping beside you and cuddling with you. It has yet to get old…I still get giddy like a little kid when it comes to our bedtime.

2. I live for those hugs at the end of the day. I swear a hug from you washes away anything bad that may have happened that day. I never realized how good it would feel to feel so adored.

3. Our house is the homiest home ever. We literally give thanks for the feeling here every night in our prayers. I always wanted a peaceful place to come home to and you’ve given me that. “Best place in the world.”

4. Watching dreams unfold is double the fun when there’s two. I didn’t realize how much more enjoyable it would be to share my triumphs with you and I really didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy taking part in yours.

5. Every day I wonder if it can possibly get any better.

You love me in a way that I never imagined I’d be loved in my wildest dreams. I love you more than I ever could have imagined. All the love stories and love quotes I read?!?! All of the romantic movies and make out scenes I watched and re-watched before you came along?!?! They don’t have anything on us!!

Our marriage continues to surpass my wildest dreams.