It’s true! I swear by it. I love the look of heels, but I also LOVE how I feel in a pair of heels. Taller, thinner, more toned…not that heels have magical powers or anything but sometimes it seems like they do. You know what they say, “High heels make your legs look good.” “High heels make your butt look good.” Who wouldn’t want that.

I have a Pinterest board titled “To Wear or Not to Wear” what it should really be titled is “I Want to Wear it, but can I Afford It?” Most of the items on them  are FAAAAAAR too expensive for me. Honestly, even if I were a millionaire, I feel I’d have a difficult time dropping that kind of money for clothes. But they sure are pretty. I thought I’d share some of the more affordable (if I could find a price) favorite shoes of mine:

Photo Source

Photo Source--you can’t buy them here, but you can look and lust after them

 Photo Source–These are probably my favorite on this post…you can’t buy them here, though. I’ve been searching for the actual shoe. I want these like yesterday.

Photo Source

Photo Source…ever since my wedding I’ve become a major MAJOR fan of a colored heel.

Photo Source–My purple heels on my wedding day and Zach in his Walmart “dress” shoes. He needed new shoes. I didn’t learn until after the wedding, that I would need to be the one to make sure that shopping trip took place. At least he has a really nice pair now, right?

I have purple, hot pink, bright yellow, and navy blue heels and I love them.

Next on my list: teal, red, and even though they’re not colorful, I’d like a pair of grey pumps, too.

Which shoes are your favorite? Or do you prefer a flat, wedge, or boot?

Ten bucks says my mom picks the Oxford looking things. Mom, you might finally get me into a pair of saddle shoes if they looked like that ;)





Which ones are your favorite?