The Election is over and I wish to make this statement – let’s all just GROW UP!

 I wanted to blog about this while the campaigns were going on, but I have had enough political discussions (arguments) to last me a while.. A really long while might I add. I have never been so weary of hearing the horribleness of the economy, the mess up of the war, the medical care, the welfare program, the personality defects of each opponent, the richness or poorness of the people living here..

 I am sick of it. I have my own opinions and views and they don’t match with a lot of people. We are all free to state them. I do feel however, that if you are to state your opinion it should be one you gained from learning- not repeated b.s. you have been fed by the media of EITHER side. I am sick of the uneducated voter deciding they will NOT vote for someone because they are black, they WILL vote for someone because they are black, they will NOT vote for someone because they are Mormon, they WILL vote for someone because they are Mormon. I am here to tell you that ALL forms of this are prejudice. ALL of them.. You are not an open minded, educated voter if this is your criteria.

The election is over. The people have chosen. This is a democracy, we do live in America. You have a right to speak your mind. In my opinion we can speak, but stop whining and start DOING.. We are all aware there are some terribly hard times going on. We are in a horrible mess right now. The whole situation affects all of us. Why on earth do we think that bashing people with a differing view is going to help anything? I feel like we should do like my mother used to say..” STOP fighting or go to your room.. and do not come out until you can get along.”

If you truly have the country’s best interest in mind go to work, go to school, serve your neighbor, give to needy, volunteer for a cause you believe in .. Work your butt off and Shut your mouth!

Decent individuals who are mature and educated do not tear others down, they do not wish bad upon people who have done well for themselves, they do not pass judgment on those who are struggling, they do not choose to despise someone because of their race, religion or status in life.. They go to work on what THEY CAN do for themselves AND the situation. They work as hard as they can towards a better life and if things are not the way they like them in the country they can vote again to change that in the next election.

 I for one am glad this is over. Now everybody and I MEAN EVERYBODY just GROW THE HELL UP!!!