“Mrs. Hatch, why were you crying?”

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“I was crying for a lot of reasons. Some you’ll understand better when you’re older. I was crying because the man that spoke to us, the one who lost his leg, knee, and couldn’t walk, he did that for all of us. And when he said, “I just did what had to be done, that’s what soldiers do.” I cried because they are so brave and so selfless. I cried because he has such a good attitude and talked about the things he believed without apology.  I cried because one of the veterans that was visiting us had to have help to  be able to stand when the flag was raised and lowered, but he was determined to stand and it hurt my heart and warmed it at the same time. I was crying because that same veteran was wearing his old green army uniform from a long time ago. Army uniforms don’t look like that anymore but it probably meant a lot to him to put it on and be honored today and he dressed his best. It was too big for him, he’s probably lost a lot of weight as he’s gotten older, but he still put it on. The hat, too. That made me cry. I cried because I when I shook his hand and thanked him for his service, he told me “You’re welcome.” I cried because we’re so lucky to live here and we’re so lucky to have such brave men and women protecting us.”