Who are the five people you spend the most time with? 

What traits do you hope to take from them to become like them, supposing this is true:


This is a little tricky. I’m a home body. I spend most of my time when I’m not at home, at work. I’m going to try to be fair here using that as a guide

1. Zach

Oh how some day I’d love to get Zach’s patience and ability to love unconditionally. He has a ton of good qualities, but those two are things that I literally pray for every day. Also, his random spurts of singing something at any given moment. Those things make my life more enjoyable.

2. Mal

Yes, I am counting my dog since I spend as much time with him as I do Zach. He is loyal, forgiving, and he finds joy in the little things.

3. My Students

When I reflected on the quote above, I really became grateful for my chosen profession. I am in possibly one of the only fields where I am guaranteed to be inspired daily by the people I work with the most. Sure you might have  a difficult student here/there, but overall kids are the best. I learn from them every day. They are so SO loving, eager to learn, FUNNY, fun, and inquisitive. Everyone could stand to be a little more like a child.

4. My mom

Technically I see my coworkers more often than I see my mom, but I am closer to my mom and I talk to her on the phone almost daily. My mom is really funny and even when I don’t laugh at her I appreciate how much she smiles and how she finds humor in things that would make most people cry. I hope to become more like her. She is unbelievably thoughtful/giving. Always on alert for anything you say you might need–she will find a way to get that for you. She gives so much of herself. Beyond giving gifts, she gives so much time to others.

The other day we were at the Sunday dinner table and she said to my sister-in-law, “I will have some time tomorrow afternoon, I can come over and help you and your mom clean your house.” (Shane and Kylie just bought a new house and moved in just a few weeks ago and so mom was volunteering to help clean). Nobody asked her to clean. Nobody even thought that was her duty. I certainly didn’t. I didn’t even give one ounce of my time to the move, it’s true. Not because I was unwilling, but I certainly wasn’t aggressive about it or anything. But that’s my mom.

5. My Brother

Technically I see my brother less often than I see my dad and just as often as I see my sis-in-law. No offense to my dad, but I’m choosing my brother because my brother is freaking hilarious. I don’t want to become inappropriate like he is, but man, I’d like to be as funny as him. He is an excellent story-teller and impersonator. He will probably kill me for this but he can do an impression of President Monson that is DEAD ON! Oh my gosh. I am laughing right now just thinking about it.

More than just being funny, though, my brother is true to himself. You don’t get a “fake side” of him ever. He is who he is, wherever he goes. He doesn’t put on show, hide his opinions or beliefs, or change for anyone. While this can be infuriating at times, I have a great GREAT deal of respect for my brother because of this. I would like to become more like him.

 What about you? Who are the five people you spend the most time with? Who do you hope to become because of that?