I’m not one to usually say stuff like that but YOU GUYS, I am SO stinking excited!

Tomorrow…TOMORROW!! I get to see Eric Church in concert.

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Every time the radio plays the little ad about his concert I squeeze my fists together and get all giddy. I seriously have never been this excited about a concert ever. AAAAH!

Oh my goodness. I have been wanting to see him for a few years now. I love his music. He is COUNTRY. (Yes, so is Randy Travis (my fave) but Randy’s getting up there in years and he’s gone gospel (which I love) so he attracts a milder crowd I guess you could say.)

I think this will probably be the ROWDIEST country concert I’ve ever attended and I can’t wait.

I need some big time country right now. The timing couldn’t be better. I can’t wait.

I’m praying he plays:

Love Your Love the Most

Drink in My Hand

Guys Like Me



These Boots

It really doesn’t matter what he plays because I’m going to have a blast!

I’ve already decided I am going to drink a soda (I know…WOOHOO! Watch yourself, Sharlee. I’m laughing at myself because that’s my version of rowdy. I’m going to break my own rules at this concert), sing at the top of my lungs, dance, laugh, and scream my lungs out. I’m going to have myself a gooooood time.

Here’s to a rowdy start to my weekend! Followed with the Boise Temple Dedication. One extreme to the next I tell you! That’s me!