With Thanksgiving coming up I have been thinking of things that I am thankful for. I think I have stated things time and time again .. like my family, friends, my church, my job, but there are some strange things that I am thankful for..

I am thankful for my bedspread.. Very strange I know, but it is a Vera Wang that I bought with my birthday money a few years ago .. and I still love it.

My pickup..Sharlee gave me a threefold lecture on buying it during the terrible gas price time and I am not grateful for the cost of driving it, yet I use it for something almost every single week sometimes more and I still really like it. Not my smartest purchase, but I have put it to use.

Magazines.. all kinds.. I love them. LOVE them. When I open the mailbox and there is a new one in there I am as happy as a kid on the eve of their birthday..

I am thankful when someone uses all the copy paper in the machine at work and they refill it.

The express lane at the grocery store.. that is truly an express lane.

My sister’s phone calls.. oh dear, but  I can’t die while I am talking to her or I will promptly go straight to hell. She gets me going on people we know until I almost die laughing ..it is horrible and the funniest thing I have ever heard ever..

My blinds.. oh man where do I start? Todd hung them years ago-he decided he didn’t want to mess shortening them so for years now I can’t pull them all the way up as there were like 10 extra slats on the bottom of all of them. I hired a guy to fix them. He came yesterday.. I was absolutely giddy about them working correctly. I actually went around and pulled them all up and down to see how well they work.

I am grateful for Shar’s blog yesterday.. In a million years never would I have believed she would say she was happy enough to wet her pants.. Enough said.

Fountain soda from Fast Eddies.. Large Diet Pepsi with 2 shots of vanilla. It is by far the best fountain Pepsi in  town.

My Seinfeld movies..

People on the You Tube Videos .. some of them make me feel pretty dang smart..

So what are some of the strange silly things that you are thankful for.

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.”  Woody Allen