A few questions for you regarding Turkey day only two days away:

The thought of me bringing these to Thanksgiving dinner instead of something baked makes me laugh.

1. What dishes are you responsible for this Thanksgiving? Are you doing it ALL? Are you bringing a much-loved side? Dessert? Or do you have dishes duty after the meal?

2.There are too many favorite parts of the meal so what foods do you pass up when loading your plate? 

3. Favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

4. Thanksgiving traditions?

1. Last Thanksgiving we were in Utah with my in-laws and I don’t think I contributed one bit to the dinner itself. The first year we were married I was responsible for the whole dinner just for me and Zach and I pulled it off…quite flawlessly I might add. Though that’s the last time I made mashed potatoes—not kidding. This year I’m responsible for a dessert and sweet potatoes. My Aunt Taunya made really amazing sweet potatoes one year and now I attempt to recreate them every year. It’s the only job my mom gives me. But this time I get dessert, too. I’m not a pumpkin pie fan, though. Any suggestions for desserts?

2. I always pass up green bean casserole, stuffing, and mom’s 800 layer salad thing with peas and mayo in it. That thing I just don’t even GET, but people love it.

3. I love the coziness of the holiday. I love how it tags right along with Christmas which means I get to start decorating for Christmas this week. I love the family, the season to reflect on all we’re grateful for. In fact, as Zach and I continue to reflect daily on the things we’re grateful for, we’ve made some decisions about the holidays that I’ll share on here later.

4. We don’t have many traditions. The only real traditions are: Mom makes an extra 800 layer salad thing for Marie and we always go around the table and say what we’re grateful for. I kind of want to mix it up this year. I think we should put the items we’re grateful for in a jar and draw one out and try to guess who said it. But of course, I’m always looking to play a game.

Your turn! Tell me all about Thanksgiving for you!