When do you do your “chores”?


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When I was growing up we were expected to keep things relatively clean all week and then we did our chores Saturday morning.

Now that I’m grown up and can adhere to any schedule I please, I still adhere to the same-ish schedule. I always thought it was best to do it on Saturday for whatever reason.

And then this teacher I work with. She’s one of those teachers, you know? Always dresses classy and clean, has beautiful hair and makeup, her classroom is spotless, she’s ready for the NEXT day by 4:00 every afternoon, she’s in great shape because she is very active in her day-to-day life (her exercise comes from hiking with her dogs). She’s everything I’m not: together.

She has a day of the week that she writes lesson plans. ONE DAY!!?!?! I work on a week’s worth of lesson plans all week. I was meeting with her because we were swapping ideas. She just graduated with her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction (the road I’d like to take eventually) she emphasizes in reading and I’d like to emphasize in math. She was asking my opinions on some of her future units and I was getting some ideas from her.

In the middle of our conversation when she was discussing her weekly lesson planning on Thursday mornings she mentioned that she does her weekly housecleaning on Thursday nights. That way she can come to school on Friday morning knowing that her work is done for the rest of the week. She truly gets to enjoy her Friday the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

She is a genius! I walked away honestly feeling a little down about myself. This woman has it so together. I think that was a day I had a mini breakdown to my mom about how I never feel like I measure up, but I digress.

So I tried to implement Thursday nights as deep cleaning nights…twice. I failed miserably twice. So I settled for a brief, mid-week clean on Wednesdays instead….sometimes.

I still clean on Saturdays. Maybe it’s just too ingrained in me. Maybe I’m just not pushing myself hard enough. Maybe it’s because I’m a procrastinator.

Whatever the reason. Saturdays are cleaning days around here…and I think it might be that way for a long time.

What about you? When do you do your chores?